Exhibit at Evolving Connectivity

If you're an industry manufacturer or distributor and want to reach a long standing and developing trade, Evolving Connectivity is the trade event you need to showcase your products.  Find out more about future Exhibitor availability by contacting the Event Manager:

Amanda Ward
01923 803030
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Exhibitor Reviews

  • Whyte Technologies

    Evolving Connectivity is a major annual exhibition event for Whyte Technologies. Evolving Connectivity brings together all the main players in media content delivery, signal reception and distribution products, as well as installers and end users. It is the main event for the whole industry to get together, exchange ideas and make new contacts as well as showcasing new products. We always choose Evolving Connectivity for major products launches.

  • PPC

    2022 was the fifth year PPC Broadband had exhibited at the busy and commercially valuable CAI Evolving Connectivity exhibition.  The exhibition is held at the highly accessible National Conference Centre, based at the National Motorcycle Museum, near Birmingham and well served by the nearby airport, train station and motorway network.  The exhibition is always well planned, with vendors both building custom booths and occupying shell schemes, with a corporate backdrop and table-top display of products.  There are CAI staff on-site, both before and during the exhibition that are friendly, supportive and quick to solve any issues for both vendors and visitors.  The exhibition attracts a wide range of vendors and visitors, primarily from the DTH satellite and off-air TV markets.  Each year the exhibition has been supported with an excellent list of expert speakers from the industry, covering legislative issues, technology and emerging market trends.  PPC has always had a high level of footfall on the booth and will most certainly be returning again to exhibit at Evolving Connectivity 2023.

  • Antiference Ltd

    Since moving to the Motorcycle Museum, Evolving Connectivity has flourished with each year appearing to be busier and 2022 was no exception. The seminar topics helped educate visitors and the level of visitors was such that even with the seminars popular, there was no let up for exhibitors as we were kept busy from opening to the last hour of the show.  Antiference once again had live product demonstrations which were well received by visitors who are the people who use our products every day, so their feedback on new and existing products is vital and at Evolving Connectivity we have the opportunity to speak face to face.  We look forward to showcasing more new products in March 2023.

  • Blake UK Ltd

    Blake UK & PROception attend Evolving Connectivity because is it the show that brings together the traditional CAI market place for the aerial and satellite industry and moves into new markets and technologies.  Visitors are a mix of traditional installers and new companies where there is a crossover of technologies.

  • Global Invacom Ltd

    The CAI's Evolving Connectivity event is an important opportunity for Global Invacom to connect with the UK industry.  It is a great platform to show new innovations, introduce additions to our product portfolio, while getting valuable feedback from those who use our products.

  • Televes UK Ltd

    Televes has always felt that supporting the CAI is supporting our customers and supporting our industry and hence why we think it is important to exhibit at the event.  Evolving Connectivity is THE event of the year and as an exhibitor is one of the few shows in which you know every person in the room are real decision makers.  At Televes we have always believed that this event is the right place to present our innovations every year as with such good representation of the industry, we could be confident that if the product is a success during the event it will continue to be afterwards.

Reasons why your marketing plan should include Evolving Connectivity

Real contact

Nothing is more affirming than a face to face conversation when it comes to finding a product to suit your exact needs.  With the correct sales staff on-hand, a potential customer can easily ask questions and receive instant answers.  By attending Evolving Connectivity 2023, buyers can talk directly to you and find out what they need without making multiple searches and phone calls.  By exhibiting at Evolving Connectivity 2023, you are likely to receive much firmer leads.

Real buyers

People who visit Evolving Connectivity are serious buyers and are attending because they are interested in the industry and your products/services.  They have given up a day to absorb this event and what is on offer.  Even if they don't buy on the day, Evolving Connectivity will give you the leads that you know are genuinely interested in your business and will provide a great return on investment in the long term.

Level playing field

Not every business can afford to put themselves in front of their potential customers as mush as they'd like.  However, exhibiting at Evolving Connectivity 2023 provides the perfect opportunity for smaller companies to show they can match the expertise of their larger competitors by placing them in the same room.  With careful planning and a good strategy in place, exhibiting with us can strengthen your brand and present your business as one that is as reliable as the bigger hitters in our industry.

Reconnect with customers

Evolving Connectivity 2023 is not just about acquiring new leads, it's your one opportunity to connect with existing customers.  Reconnecting in this way is great for reminding your customers that you are still there and you can still provide exactly what they need.

Try before you buy

By exhibiting with us you can allow hands on sampling and testing on your stand.  This gives you the chance to demo products for visitors to try out.  This is practicality that a website just cannot offer!

Hosted by the Confederation of Aerial Industries - the trade show for the aerial and satellite industry.

Evolving Connectivity - Thursday 21st March 2024 - Birmingham.
CAI Gala Dinner - Wednesday 20th March 2024 - Birmingham.